15 Gospel Piano Endings


If you’ve ever wondered how to properly end a song in a “Gospel” style, then this is the perfect sheet music and midi file bundle! Here are 15 incredible endings.

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One of the often-overlooked aspects of piano musicianship is how to end songs.  In this bundle, Corey has created detailed sheet music for 15 Gospel piano endings.  In addition, you will also receive the actual midi files of Corey playing each ending, allowing you to see EXACTLY how it was played.  And you can adjust the tempo and key to your liking.  In conclusion, if you want to learn some incredible Gospel endings, this is the prefect bundle for you!

In this bundle you will receive sheet music and midi files covering the following 15 Gospel Piano Endings plus a bonus one:

  • The Foundational Ending
  • Altered Foundational Ending
  • The Traditional Ending
  • The I-sus Ending
  • The Lydian Ending
  • The Classic Ending
  • West Coast Ending
  • R&B Ending
  • Mike Bereal's Ending
  • Kevin Bond's Ending
  • Diminished Ending (part 1)
  • Diminished Ending (part 2)
  • Alain Merville's Ending
  • Carma Reese's Ending
  • Corey's Special Ending
  • Bonus Ending


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