Chordal Moves & Progressions Course


Starting with the tame and simple, to the exotic and unbelievable, this course examines multiple chordal moves systems and progressions.


Lesson 1 – Foundational Progressions
Lesson 2 – Progressions & Turnarounds
Lesson 3 – Harmonic Relationships
Lesson 4 – Mediant Relationships (part 1)
Lesson 5 – Mediant Relationships (part 2)
Lesson 6 – Putting It All Together
Lesson 7 – Modal Interchange

Lesson 8 – Putting It All Together Again
Lesson 9 – Miscellaneous Progressions
Lesson 10 – Any Chord to Any Chord?
Lesson 11 – Line Cliches and Omnibus Progressions
Lesson 12 – Corey’s Harmonic System
Lesson 13 – Corey’s Harmonic System Application
Lesson 14 – Emotions in Music

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have access to this course?

You literally have access to this course for life!  You purchase one-time and will have continual access to your course.


How do I access my course?

Simply log in to your account and you will see your course. Alternatively, you could simply go directly to the course page.



What do I need to know before enrolling?

You need to have a general understanding of the basic 7th chords and be able to play your major scales.


Do you have a DVD version of this course?

This course is an online-only course. Because this course has 14 lessons, it would take 3-4 DVDs.


If you are ready to add unbelievable progressions to your playing, let’s start now!

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