Chords Galore Course


Are you looking to supercharge your chord vocabulary?  Are you tired of playing the same voicings over and over again?  Do you simply feel stuck and need some new chordal ideas?  Well, look no further!  This course examines multiple voicing systems giving you literally 100s of new voicings!

Student Reviews

Every semester our students give us their honest, unfiltered feedback about this course.  And the feedback has been phenomenal.  Watch below:


In-Depth Content

This course includes 13 lessons covering a full gamut of chords.

Detailed Resources

On virtually every lesson, there is an accompanying resource bundle. These resources include customized sheet music, helpful video responses, and many bonus resources that have never been made public.


Personalized Feedback

For each question or assignment submitted, you will receive a detailed email or video response, no matter when you purchase this course. This support is year-round.


World-Class Instruction

You will be receiving instruction from a teacher that understands and helps students of EVERY skill level SUCCEED. Our teachers are also highly qualified with advanced level degrees in music!

Year-Long Office Hours

Each week, your instructor has online office hours, allowing you to receive answers to your musical questions no matter when you purchased the course. Yes, these office hours go all year long!


Life-Long Access

You can take your time going through this course because you have lifetime access.


Lesson 1 – 5 Basic 7th Chords
Lesson 2 – Voicing System #1
Lesson 3 – Cluster, Spread, 4th and more
Lesson 4 – Voicing System #1 Extensions
Lesson 5 – Triadic and Quartal Upper Structures
Lesson 6 – Extending Diminished Chords

Lesson 7 – Modal Chords
Lesson 8 – Locked-Hands | Block Chords
Lesson 9 – Russell Ferrante Voicing System
Lesson 10 – Corey’s Harmonic System
Lesson 11 – Corey’s Harmonic System Application
Lesson 12 – 3-Zone Discovery
Lesson 13 – Exploring 3-Zone Discovery


Here are a few of our frequently asked questions.

How long do I have access to this course?

You literally have access to this course for life! You purchase onetime and will have continual access to your course.


How do I access my course?

Simply log in to your account and you will see your course. Alternatively, you could simply go directly to the course page.


What do I need to know before enrolling?

You need to have a general understanding of the basic 7th chords and be able to play your major scales.

Are there any technical requirements to access my course?

Not at all! If you can browse the internet, then you can access your course without issue.

Do you have a DVD version of this course?

This course is an online-only course. Because this course is over 13 lessons, it would take 3-4 DVDs.


Learn HUNDREDS of New Chords

This course is proven to literally give you hundreds of ways to play one chord.

Increase Your Vocabulary

Take your chords take the next level!