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Welcome to The Bridge

The #1 Virtual Classroom For Online Music Learning

Online School
The Bridge at is an innovative online platform that enables students to access our 12-week-long courses, right from the comfort of their home. Check out our latest course offerings here!

Each semester we will continue to add more and more courses. Please check our current course listings as we will consistently add to them. Click here to see our current course offerings.

Virtual Classroom
Our virtual classroom is an innovative piece of technology that enables you to see our piano, our whiteboard, presentations, and allows you to chat directly with us during our live classes.

Classroom Features

Weekly Live Session
Each week we have a 1-hour, live session with your teacher. (Now admittedly we will often get excited and want to go longer than an hour, but let’s keep that our secret)

Weekly Chat Sessions
Similar to office hours at a university, we have what we call Weekly Chat Sessions. These sessions are open to everyone and are specifically designed for those who have questions they would like to ask that they’ve encountered in their practice time, outside of our Weekly Live Class.

Classroom Differentiation
Each class is designed so that every level – beginner, intermediate, and advanced – will be challenged. We’ve created an innovative teaching method called the CBF (Concept-Based Framework), that is designed so that no matter your level, the application of these concepts will challenge every student.

We’ve created a ton of resources to help you improve including sheet music, midi files, our brand new riff library, our Dynamic Learning Software, and so much more!

Learning Management System
You are not left alone once you leave the classroom. We’ve developed a series of questions, assessments, and short tests for you to practice and hone your newly honed skills.

Often-times “life” happens, causing you to miss a class. Well, don’t worry! All of our classes and weekly chat session are recorded and made available to you as soon as possible. This enables you to go back and watch the recording of the class at your convenience!

As teachers, we love giving direct feedback to our students. We will periodically have assignments where we want you to upload recordings of yourself and we will give you specific feedback.

Many comparable online courses are being offered for $1000 – $1500. But we truly believe that in order to help musicians improve, the resources must be affordable. So we are making this course available for only $347! Yes, just a fraction of the cost of comparable courses.